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Our services

Surex Surveyors specialise in providing survey solutions to infrastructure projects at any scale.

The 'Surex way'

Our teams use the latest technology and keep abreast of industry changes and trends in order to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

We are one of the few surveying practises in the Southern Hemisphere equipped with a Gyromat 3000 that features a fully automatic precision north-seeking gyroscope capable of achieving accuracies of 1-milligon.

We’re experts in:

Tunnel Surveying

  • TBM
  • Roadheader
  • Drill and Blast
  • Pipe Jack

Engineering and construction surveying

  • Road, Rail and Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Plant and Marine
  • Pipe Line

Project Control Network Surveys

  • GPS
  • Conventional Traversing
  • Digital Leveling

3D Scanning and Metrology

  • Architectural and Planning
  • Terrain and Volumetric
  • Civil and Plant
  • Mould & Segment industrial measurement surveys

Monitoring Surveys

  • Real time
  • Conventional 3d
  • Settlement

Detail and Feature Surveys

  • Detail
  • Topographical
  • Boundary
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Surex Surveyors

539/9 Sherwood Rd
Toowong QLD 4066

T: 1300 557 680